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How to stop my two year old from grinding her teeth?

Grinding is very common in children, usually more common in children with baby teeth and adult teeth though. If he/she grinds often and you start to notice the affects on the teeth ask your dentist what can be done. Sometimes they will recommend a bite plate, but not usually with children.

How to stop my two year old from grinding her teeth?
if you tell the dentist they have like mouth guards. my sister grinds her teeth and she is 14 now and her teeth is flatter than usual. so do it soon
Reply:Can be a sign of a mineral deficiency (calcium and magnesium)

can get magnesium gel and add to lotions. Epsom salts have magnesium you could add to bath. calcium can some from leafy greens.

at least these are her baby teeth. When she gets older perhaps a night guard would work for her.
Reply:When I was younger I always grinded my teeth, you should probably get her/him to stop because for me it lead to nerve damage and it was and is very painful when I occasionally grind my teeth.

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Post traumatic Stress Disorder has made me started grinding my teeth when I sleep. How can I stop this?

The very best thing for you is a dentist, you have TMJ. Only a dentist can help you w/this. However also a therapist to help you help yourself deal w/stress to help in preventing grinding your teeth. This can lead to more problems later if it's not resolved

Post traumatic Stress Disorder has made me started grinding my teeth when I sleep. How can I stop this?
you can get a night guard and wear it while you sleep. You can get them at Walmart in the sports section or have one made by your dentist.
Reply:That's called bruxism. Untreated it can cause serious damage to your teeth. Is your anxiety otherwise well-controlled? If you are on medication and your symptoms are not well-controlled, I would talk to the prescribing doctor, because ongoing symptoms of anxiety could be contributing.

Is your sleep otherwise disrupted? If not, a teeth guard as mentioned below would probably do the trick. If your sleep IS disrupted due to symptoms/whatever, a med adjustment might be in order. Hope that helps.

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My grandson who is 1 yr old is grinding his teeth.he is very halth and active.he has lactose problem.?

he is on lactose free diet.What could be the problem and what would be the answer.


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My grandson who is 1 yr old is grinding his teeth.he is very halth and active.he has lactose problem.?
Teeth grinding in children is called Bruxism. For more information that you can research type in your search bar "teeth grinding in children". You might also want to take your grandson to a pedicatric dentist. In regards to the lactose intolerance, this wouldn't have anything to do with the grinding of the teeth. My son cannot tolerate cow's milk, we only drink soy milk. But, he is able to eat cheese, yogurt, and ice cream. He just has a problem with a certain enzyme in the cow's milk, but this enzyme is destroyed when it is processed into dairy foods. Your grandson may be intolerant to the lactose which remains in all dairy food.

I hope this helps, Good Luck!

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Anybody have any tips on how to stop grinding your teeth?

You have to see your dentist and have him make you a mouth guard.

Anybody have any tips on how to stop grinding your teeth?
mouth guard
Reply:wear two mouth gards to bed
Reply:i have the same problem...aside from the mouth guard....massage your jaw muscles in a up and out motion. it helps.
Reply:There are plastic guards you can buy over the counter, you heat them them and fit them to your mouth. If you are grinding during the day you can go to an orthodontist and get more refined guards that you where except for when you are eating. Other than that find other ways to relieve your stress
Reply:according to old beliefs, slapping the grinder with a slipper or shoe when grinding starts, will put a stop to it

my daughter grinds too, its just too cruel to do that to her
Reply:if you have mercury fillings, get them replaced. it causes it. beyond that, get a night guard made by the dentist or go to the pharmacy dept of walmart and get one.

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How can i tell if iam no longer grinding my teeth?

i was on meds.i apparently did it when i slept. i didnt know i was doing it.idont know ifi am still doingit.

How can i tell if iam no longer grinding my teeth?
If you do not sleep in the same room with a someone else, this is a tough one. We can see evidence that you have been grinding your teeth at some point in your life, but it is so subtle, that you would not be able to detect the lack of change if you stopped.

If you used to get headaches and now you don't, maybe you stopped.

If you really need to know, you may be able to get a sleep study done with the specfic request that they just monitor you for grinding your teeth. It can be done, but it isn't cheap.
Reply:this may seem childish but get some fake teeth ya'know like vampire teeth or something put it in ur mouth before u hit the hay and if the next morning ur teeth are messed up somehow that may be ur clue...


Can you advise me on ways to stop grinding my teeth?

I mainly do this involutarily at night when I am falling asleep and possibly through the night. I wake up every morning with the feeling that I have done it all night. I also do it during the day, usually out of nervousness, but not as frequently.

Can you advise me on ways to stop grinding my teeth?
During the night you can protect your teeth with a mouth guard. You can either buy one over the counter at the drug store, or you can get a doctor/dentist to fit you with one.

As for protecting yourself while you are awake? I'm not sure of how to treat that. Perhaps you just have to catch yourself while you are doing it and make a conscious attempt to stop yourself.

Good luck overcoming your bruxism.
Reply:put some aluminum foil in your mouth
Reply:get em pulled
Reply:you can get a mouth guard for at night, i hear it an addiction though...doing it during the day you can try and stop by chewing gum or ice
Reply:wear one of those hockey teeth gaurds to bed
Reply:seek professional help a dentist should be able to assist you with this problem.
Reply:I had to go to my dentist and he took a mould of my teeth and gave me a palate to wear for bed. I used it for maybe two years and then lost it but I don't grind my teeth now so maybe it worked. Plus I was really stressed at the time and I'm not now so maybe that is a factor too.
Reply:they have a mouth guard they sell it at walmart
Reply:if i use arm and hammer baking soda toothpaste not only is is brilliant - it feels wrong when you grind your teeth under its influence
Reply:try chewing on teethers, or something, wear teeth protecters that will definetly work
Reply:Gum. during the day. and make sure you keep them clean. my brother used to do it but we never did anything about it. he has alot of little quirks, mainly cuz the amount of mental problems he sufers from.
Reply:Your dentists can make you a special brace that you wear at nigth that should prevent that. Try taking a dolomite or other calcium/magnesium tablet an hour before bed and maybe a cup of camomile tea or warm milk. These relaxants could help. Also, if you can make a conscious effrot during the day to stop that then it might break the habit and this might stop the night time grinding also. As Its delia has said, try chewing gum as a distraction away from that. Magnesium will help calm your nerves. If your nervousness is really bad then I also suggest taking a B Complex tablet. Good luck. Hope this helps.

Best wishes.
Reply:try chewing on something like candy or gum,or seeing a doctor because it seem like u might have bad nerves.there's also a variety of mouth guards u can get.if all else fails..go see Dr.
Reply:A good dentist will get you a form to put in your mouth at night, and it will keep you from grinding your teeth. My daughter had the same problem with her teeth. She has beautiful white teeth now. You must take action. This will protect your teeth from wearing away.
Reply:Teeth Grinding is a complex problem . Many times It cannot be solved by a night guard alone. See your Dentist and ask him to refer you to a TMJ specialist.
Reply:I have a night guard that the dentist molded from my teeth. It's a hard plastic that snaps over your teeth when you put it in at night. Your teeth are harder than this plastic so when you continue to grind your teeth, you're not doing any damage to them. Dental night guards can last for many years depending on how much you actually grind your teeth. They can be quite expensive. What I did before I got mine is I bought an athletic mouth guard for less than $2. You stick it in hot water to soften up the plastic then mold it to your teeth. It's difficult to mold it right so it stays on your teeth so you have to train yourself to keep it in your mouth while you sleep. But it does prevent you from doing more damage to your teeth while you sleep.

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Is there anything that can help me stop grinding my teeth at night?

yes to the last answer. You can either go to the dentist and they will make a "custom" fit plate/guard that you put in your mouth at bedtime, or I have actually seen some over the counter, like at wal-mart. I don't know how the comfort level of those versus one from your dentist would be, but I do know the "professional" ones from the dentist are real slim-line FOR THE comfort factor. It's just like a plate you put in, like what football players wear to keep their teeth intact.....but a whole lot slimmer. By the way....grinding the teeth at night is called "bruxism"..........hope that helps

Is there anything that can help me stop grinding my teeth at night?
The orthodontist can give you a little guard to wear at night.

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